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ITBrahma Consulting:

  • Model based approach for effective outsourcing
  • Effective requirement management
  • Practice to handle the culture challenges (international customers)
  • Preparation of rights software process, templates and formats
  • Manual UAT (user acceptance testing)
  • Onsite support (by providing resource)

Often customers would like to outsource the development work as it reduces the overall development cost. This however requires a proper process for handing over the specifications and accepting the delivered solution. Such a process also clearly highlights the roles and responsibilities of both the stakeholders and the developers. The process should also incorporate the best practices in the domain of acquisition.

Both stakeholders and the outsourced team are benefited. Stakeholders get an assurance that a well defined process helps them in deciding on the specifications and contracts to be fulfilled by the outsourced team. The outsourced development team is also benefited as they receive clear specifications on the activities and deliverables. This would lead to developing and delivering the system in a predictable manner.

What we offer:
  • Consulting: This service facilitates the senior managers in evolving appropriate process for
    outsourcing the work and accepting the completed deliverables. Our consultants work along with the senior managers in establishing the appropriate process and implement the same.
  • Trainings are imparted onsite with our trainers directly interacting with the project team
  • Consulting is either done wholly onsite or using an onsite-offshore model. Part of
    thedocumentation activities could be done offshore. This offers cost effective model for
    the customers.
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