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Anthea (Hotel Distribution System)

The ANTHEA solution can help tightly integrate and streamline your properties online distribution.
The ANTHEA Property Website allows for the efficient distribution of information about your property. The Booking Engine facilitates the sale of the rooms available at the property. Channel Control allows you to distribute your rates to third party systems both locally and internationally.
Bookings made directly on your property website will not attract any additional fees or charges. This encourages the property to promote its website address to encourage direct sales. It's the property's most cost effective distribution channel.
    Key Features

  • The ANTHEA Booking Engine

The property Booking Engine is the heart around which the distribution flows. It pumps out rates and inventory to the property's own website. It allows the property to update and change rates & inventory.

  • The Property Website

The rates and inventory are displayed on the property website. Bookings can be made via the simple to use and intuitive booking process that provides immediate confirmations.

  • Global Distribution Systems

ANTHEA plans to interface to the Global Distribution Systems (GDS). This provides distribution through to the Galileo, Amadeus booking systems. By linking to the GDS you can make your property available to nearly every travel agent around the world.

  • XML API for Online Travel Agents

It comes with XML API for integration into Online Travel Agents.

  • Domestic and Overseas Wholesalers

ANTHEA has developed interfaces with a number of wholesalers that will assist in the dynamic delivery of rates and or inventory.

  • Inbound Operators

Similar to the Domestic Wholesalers ANTHEA is developing interfaces to inbound operators.

Property Management System Integration
The Integrated Internet Distribution Solution provided by ANTHEA allows the property to interface to its Property Management System (PMS) with the ANTHEA website Booking Engine.

  • PMS Interface

ANTHEA has developed interfaces with a number of PMS providers to permit inventory and rates to flow from the PMS into ANTHEA and for bookings from all sources managed by ANTHEA to flow through to the PMS.
The benefits of the PMS interface cannot be overstated. Some of these benefits are:

    • Not having to key in hundreds of email bookings.
    • Accuracy is improved as the information is transferred dynamically.
    • Saving in staff time.
  • Client Profiles

Provide the ability for the property to issue confidential client rates. The client will access the rates via a user name and password. They will be the only people who are able to view their special rates. The property will be able to create a strong one-on-one relationship with the client.

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