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As SAP strategists, we excel at streamlining businesses, saving money, and improving your bottom line by reducing the TCO.

  • As SAP consulting experts, it is our mission to empower large to mid-size corporations to work smarter and more efficiently. Our consultants use our knowledge of SAP software tools to make significant, measurable, and rapid improvements to your bottom line.
  • Our consultants are familiar with every aspect of SAP software, and our company has assisted corporations throughout the world with strategic planning, first-time implementation, and software upgrades. We are also adept with all SAP ERP sub-areas such as CO-PA, COGS and Dynamic Forecasting.
  • Our SAP consultants know how to get critical information into the right hands at the right time, allowing your executive team to make knowledgeable, strategic and informed business decisions. With the right information, we help clients decrease their costs and increase their revenue.
  • From configuring software that encourages efficiency and saves money, to IT Infrastructure Virtualization, to training corporate staff in the utilization of computer-generated financial data, once our consultants have a clear understanding of what your company needs, we have the experience and expertise to make it happen.
  • Call today for a free SAP software analysis. We look forward to working with you.
SAP CRM Consulting:

ITBRAHMA helps in delivering SAP CRM application providing best in class functionality for marketing, sales and services to organizations in select verticals including Public Sector, Consumer, Utilities, Travel, Transportation & Logistics, and Financial sectors. Whether it's a B2B or B2C engagement, ITB Technologies uses the best implementation practices to bring immense value to organizations by enabling them to collaborate with their customers and thus providing them a superior customer experience. SAP CRM deployment empowers employees to manage interactions with customers and enables everyone in organization to have a real time visibility in customer experiences.

SAP CRM Practice - Our Vision
  • To provide end-to-end business solutions for global clients that would help them manage their customers effectively and efficiently Our CRM strategies and the solutions help you address a variety of CRM implementation issues in areas such as account management, customer retention and campaign management, or call center interactions. Our CRM consulting team will help you devise specialized CRM strategies that reflect positively on your revenue, productivity and customer satisfaction. We provide an integrated customer experience for customer self service, complaints processing, internet sales, enterprise portals, RMA, customer surveys and analytics. Some of the areas where we work with our clients include:
  • Customer Strategy
  • Customer Insight - including segmentation & research
  • Customer Proposition
  • Customer Interaction - inbound and outbound and via multi-channel access
  • Order Processing and Billing
  • Trade Promotions Management
mySAP CRM practice at ITB Technologies

At ITB Technologies, we enhance your customer's experience through seamless channels utilizing web, phone, email and handheld devices. We help you gather information about your prospects and customers to strategize your campaigns, products offerings and better service levels. ITB Technologies offers full life-cycle services from blue-print to production support that provides a single window solution with a global foot-print. Our cross functional experienced SAP consultants help you integrate CRM with your other applications and act as an extended arm of the implementation and support team.

SAP MM Consulting:

Our SAP Material Management Process Consultants (SAP MM Consulting) help companies make supply chain management processes faster and simpler than ever before. While our SAP MM Consultants will tailor a product to meet your unique needs, the SAP Material Management Process generally consists of the following stages:

Determining Goods: An analysis of the type and quantity of goods that are required in your supply chain.

Determining Source: Utilizing preexisting purchasing data, this stage involves an analysis of where goods will be ordered.

Vendor Selection: Pricing scenarios are generated which allows for the comparison of fiscal data.

Purchase Order Generation: Information from the supply and demand chain is used to create a purchase order.

Tracking Orders: The SAP system checks the specified reminder periods and offers status updates on several aspects of the purchasing process.

Inventory Management: Following the receipt of goods, the appropriate staff confirms the goods' arrival by specifying the number of purchase orders within the system.

Verification of Invoices: Finally, the accounts-payable department receives information concerning the quantity of goods ordered as well as changes in price. Following verification, invoices are paid.

While the Material Management Process as a whole may seem somewhat complex, the utilization of SAP ERP has made material management faster and simpler than ever before. Our SAP MM Consultants will make sure your supply chain management staff has the proper training to operate with peak efficiency at each stage of the Material Management process.

SAP SD Consulting:

Managing and processing sales effectively is a major part of running an efficient business. The Sales and Distribution Module (SAP SD), which is a part of the SAP ERP Systems Application, makes the sales process easier and more efficient than ever before. From pre-sales tasks to the distribution of goods or services, the SD module encompasses nearly all of the sales-based steps and documentation.

In the SAP Sales and Distribution Module, the bulk of your sales data is processed in the sales order, which is created to authorize the selling of goods but also serves as an internal-audit document at a later time. Thus the SD module automates a great deal of the work involved in creating an order, saving time and preventing careless user mistakes.

With the sales order completed, other modules utilize its data to finalize the sales process. Shipping, for example, utilizes the sales-order data to finalize the sales process seamlessly and effectively.

SAP Production Planning Consulting:

The SAP Production Planning Application (SAP PP) provides comprehensive process control for manufacturers. From repetitive, make-to-order, and assemble-to-order production, through process, lot and make-to-stock manufacturing, to integrated supply-chain management, SAP Production Planning is an excellent way to ensure that all of the variables regarding planning in the production environment are covered thoroughly.

By consolidating the aspects of production planning with SAP PP, the odds of a planner passing over an important production variable is minimized, ultimately resulting in a faster and more efficient production environment. If, for example, the variables concerning both material management and production staffing are properly handled, there is a far less chance that an issue will arise during the manufacturing process.

SAP PLM Consulting:

The SAP Product Lifecycle Management Application (SAP PLM) gives companies the ability to easily create and deliver innovative products that fulfill or create market demand. Benefits of the SAP Product Lifecycle Management Application include faster product development, reduced time-to-market, improved manufacturing operations, higher productivity, and lower cost of ownership.

Our SAP PLM Consultants excel at tailoring the Product Lifecycle Management Application to your business needs, allowing you to quickly develop and deliver the products that drive your business. Using SAP PLM, our consultants can help ensure better business results by helping you develop innovative products, explore new market opportunities, gain a higher market share, and increase customer satisfaction. The SAP Product Lifecycle Management Application can also be used to manage product quality and reduce waste throughout every phase of the product life cycle.

Our SAP PLM consultants help companies become more flexible and better able to take advantage of market and competitive opportunities across business networks, while still ensuring compliance to industry, quality, and regulatory standards.

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