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Process Automation

ITB Process Automation solution provides:

Speed - They can process information much more quickly than humans. This means they are good for controlling machinery that might ned to be adjusted instantly.

Repetition - Automated systems can do the same task over and over again without getting bored, needing breaks or making mistakes.

Accuracy - They can do very detailed work and follow precise instructions without error.

Safety - Automated systems can work in places where it would be unsafe to put a human, for example, in a nuclear power plant, under water or in space.

Efficiency - They get more done than humans but cost less to operate. This is because the do need breaks, wages, holidays, canteens, heating and lighting. The quality of the work done is always of the same standard being materials are not wasted due to human error.

Adaptability - Automated systems can be reprogrammed to do different tasks. For example, a robot that was used to make one type of car could be reprogrammed to work with a new model or be used to spray paint a car instead of being used to weld parts together. 

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